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Work Shadowing

Work Shadowing is an enrichment programme that we offer in our Sixth Form.  We feel that this opportunity allows students to investigate a particular job or profession and to gain first-hand knowledge of a career path in which they have an interest.

University Admission Tutors state that work shadowing is a vital addition to the UCAS application personal statement, evidencing that a student has built on and updated their foundation work experience in Year 10.  For students that do not intend to go to University, this will be an essential complement to their CV.

Part of the experience involves developing independence by finding and arranging their own placement, through friends, relatives, teachers and their contacts, Yellow Pages, the Internet, local businesses and so on.  Be creative! The potential medical student would find it valuable to undertake work in a care home.  If a student wants to study Law, they can gain public access to a Magistrates court to observe Barristers, Magistrates, Police and Solicitors in action.

Please find on this site the Information Sheet for completion by the student detailing the company they are going to. Students can also find two template letters that they can adapt for their own purposes.