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Time Out Cards

At West Hatch we permit a small proportion of students permission to step outside of the class for a few minutes to manage their behaviour, anxiety or anger. The pupil must remain in sight of the doorway. This to allow the staff members to uphold their safeguarding duties.

Pupils who misuse the time out card will not have it renewed and the privilege will be revoked.  If they are revoked, you may need to reapply for the time out card. A meeting with Head of Year may also be necessary.

In completing this form as a parent you accept that the student will:

- Collect a new card every 2 weeks from Student Services.
- Hand the card to the teacher at the start of the lesson.
- Not walk away from the vicinity of the class.
- Endeavor to reduce the need for the card over time.
- Accept that misuse will mean that the card is revoked and all privileges with it. 

To apply for a Time Out Card please click here