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The Achievement Plus Programme (APP)

What is the Achievement Plus Programme (APP)?

The Achievement Plus Programme is West Hatch High School’s provision for our more able learners.

You may be familiar with the term “gifted and talented”, but this tends to be a judgement based on students’ excelling at one or two specific subjects. We use the term “more able”, as APP members are performing above average in more than one or two subjects: they are the students who show the greatest potential, across the greatest range of subjects.   

The overarching aim of the Achievement Plus Programme (APP) is to prepare students to make an informed decision about their future and provide them with the support to successfully apply for a competitive position at university and/or with an employer. This is achieved by providing opportunities for students to develop and gain a competitive advantage. It is underpinned by the three core aims and five steps of the APP.

The three core aims of the APP are:

  1. To raise the aspirations of our ‘More Able Learners’ (MALs).
  2. To ensure our MALs develop the skills required to be successful.
  3. To provide opportunities to help our MALs “stand out”.

The five steps to the APP are:

  1. Identify those with the potential to achieve.
  2. Engage members with the programme, via their chosen pathway and input.  
  3. Challenge members through various events and opportunities.
  4. Support members to make informed decisions about their future.
  5. Achieve the best possible grades and a competitive advantage over others.

We have also broken the APP down into three main phases, depending on the student's Year group:

Phase 1: Thinking about the future (Year 7s)

Phase 2: Developing Independence (Years 8 & 9)

Phase 3: Preparing for the future (Years 10 & 11)


The Achievement Plus Programme (APP) Pathways

APP members will need to select an APP Pathway, which is linked to particular subjects and routes. The APP Pathways allow us to target events and support students, based on their selected Pathway. However, the APP Pathways will not limit or restrict the support members receive – our ambition is that all students will be able to access all opportunities, regardless of their chosen APP Pathway.

The four APP Pathways are:

  • Creative Arts Pathways
  • Engineering & Technology Pathways
  • Humanities & Social Sciences Pathways
  • Mathematics & Sciences Pathways


Membership of the Achievement Plus Programme (APP)

Membership of the Achievement Plus Programme is based on the following criteria:

  • Students’ SATs/CATs results
  • Students’ Progress Checks
  • Feedback from staff

Decisions are not based on a single factor, therefore students with the highest SATs/CATs results or best Progress Check data are not guaranteed a place on the APP – we look at the whole picture.

However, members of the APP are usually within the top 10% of their Year, with approximately 20 APP members per Year group.  

Membership of the APP is reviewed at the end of each term. This means that membership of the APP is not guaranteed for the duration of a year, so members need to ensure they maintain a high standard and continue to achieve and excel. Equally, this also means that all students could join (or re-join) the APP throughout their time at West Hatch High School.  


The Achievement Plus Programme (APP) Expectations and Events.

Whilst we want to provide APP members with a competitive advantage, we do not want to limit or restrict those who are not involved in the Achievement Plus Programme. Therefore, it is important to note the following:

  1. Teachers will “stretch and challenge” all students, with high expectations and support, regardless of whether they are a member of the APP.
  2. All students will have access to our school-wide Pastoral support and Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance programme.
  3. APP members will not be in separate classes or groups; they will not follow a tailored timetable. Whilst some subjects/classes will be “set”, membership of the APP does not guarantee students will automatically be in the top sets, nor does it mean members of the top sets are automatically members of the APP.

The Achievement Plus Programme provides targeted opportunities, in addition to the support offered to all students. This means we can change the APP membership on a termly basis, without this having an impact on students learning/curriculum choices; it also means all students have an opportunity to become a member of the APP, depending on their progress and achievement.  

We run various APP events throughout the year, including:

  • Study skills workshops
  • Options support
  • Applications and transition Support
  • University talks (including Oxbridge)
  • Competitions: Young Writers, British Biology Olympiad, Junior Mathematics Challenge etc.
  • Independent Research Project and Creative Showcase
  • Educational Visits

If you have any questions about the Achievement Plus Programme, please contact Mr G. Towsey (