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    Student Life

    • Manvir Bahra

      "Being an external student, I expected to not fit in, however I felt welcomed by friendly staff and students. I was surprised by the amount of support, opportunities and passion for me to succeed at West Hatch High School. Opportunities include supporting younger school students in their maths and becoming part of the senior prefect team."

      Mathematics, Physics and Geography
    • Natasha Watts

      "Life at West Hatch 6th form, is one full of endless support and encouragement. The resources on offer, has made the daunting transition from GCSEs to A-levels as smooth as possible. The highly organised staff are always on hand to provide guidance on how best to tackle a certain situation or help you overcome a particularly hard topic in class.

      The opportunities at West Hatch are boundless. From roles to become a peer mentor, senior prefect or even senior ambassador, the staff at the 6th form are invested into providing their students with prospects to add an extra edge to your CVs.

      It is without doubt, that without the strong network of staff here at West Hatch, that I would not of been able to have recognised my full potential, and been giving opportunities that have made my future all the promising."

      Economics, Geography and Maths
    • Alexandra Crowhurst

      "I enjoy student life at West Hatch Sixth Form as I enjoy the amount of freedom I am allowed to have outside of lesson time with planning my own study hours to making sure I’m working efficiently. The 6th form community is one that is a great environment to be in. I have been able to build up closer relationships with not only fellow students but the teachers too.

      Although I still yet do not know exactly what field I wish to go into when I am older, the 6th form team has helped endlessly with my options, making sure that whilst I am here I get to explore multiple opportunities for later life. With trips planned to visit university fairs and having people from multiple different gateways visit the school itself, the enrichment you receive makes all the stress of A-levels worth it."

      Economics, English Literature and Geography

    Student Life

    "I love having the freedom and independence to learn that the staff give me in the Sixth Form. I have been given some amazing opportunities here such as planning a murder mystery event and choreographing and performing dances in our annual dance show. The teachers here are really passionate about the students and care about our grades and successes, but also about us as people. I’ve met lots of new people and made a lot of new friends; all we all have the same goals and support each other to achieve them.

    I aspire to have a career in musical theatre and to perform in the West End and I’m going to apply to a London Theatre College next year. West Hatch has given me amazing opportunities and I can’t wait to start my second year here."

    Hannah Brandon

    Subjects: A Level Psychology, English Literature and Language, BTEC Performing Arts/Dance 

    "I am enjoying being a Sixth Former at West Hatch because its such a warm, friendly environment to be in. All of the teachers are really helpful and respectful towards the students and because of this, I’ve built really good relationships with them. I enjoy all of my subjects and I find the lessons very interesting.

    All of the students at West Hatch are very friendly and easy to get along with. That’s really helped me to settle in to Sixth Form life.

    As a Sixth Fomer I can use the Sixth Form study centre to work as well as the common room to socialise and relax. Although I’m not completely sure which career path I wish to follow, I’m definitely considering going to University and I’d like to go on to study a degree in the field of Business."

    Amber Tume

    Subjects: A Level Business, Psychology, Sociology and Law.

    "My aim for after Sixth Form is to study Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. To describe Sixth Form life at West Hatch, I’d say comfortable. You know, from the calm atmosphere of the common room to the rush in the canteen to get the last breakfast pizza! However I have to say that the teachers really do push me to work hard so that I can get to where I want to be."

    Lam McGowan

    Studying: A Level Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Psychology.

    "Being at student at West Hatch is being part of a community that always want what is best for you. Teachers and other students support you in everything you do and believe that you can be the best you can be. Being a student in the Sixth Form can be very hard with the amount of work you have, but with the support of the teachers you feel that everything is possible. The teachers are all amazing and I’m always first to my lessons as I enjoy them that much! West Hatch truly is a school where you can achieve and have great experiences along the way."

    Heather Everigham

    Studying:  A Level Art, Media, Sociology, English Literature and Language

    "West Hatch has allowed me to be able to work towards the grades I need to be able to study Business Management and Accountancy at University. Teachers allow me to interact with them on a professional level so that I can develop my knowledge and think outside the box. I know this will help me when I go to Uni as I’ll be able to look back over the skills they’ve helped me to develop over time.

    At West Hatch they help to be ready for the world of work. I’m a prefect and a peer mentor and these things help me to interact with the whole school community and also help my peers whenever they need me.

    I’ve been at West Hatch for 6 years and I’ve worked hard to follow the school ethos and be the best that I can be. I believe this will help me to achieve my ambitions and to my best at University in the future."

    Delthia Perkins

    Subjects: A Level Business, Sociology and ICT.