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Student Achievement (Jack Petchey Achievement Awards)

We are honoured to be involved with the Jack Petchey Achievement Awards Scheme.

The Jack Petchey Foundation was established in 1999 to enable young people, to achieve their potential by inspiring, investing in, developing and promoting activities that increase their personal, social, emotional and physical development. Since its inception, £85 million has been invested to support this aim.

Throughout the academic year, we nominate students for Achievement Awards.

Below is a list of this year's award winners:

June 2018 - Shogun Lamsombut: Shogun has made massive improvements with his reading since arriving at West Hatch. He continues to attend our Reading Club and is one of the only students who attend every session, is always early and has shown his commitment to his constant improvement. His attitude focus and conduct around the school are also to be commended.

May 2018 - Frankie Sarna: For his work ethic and overcoming barriers. Also, for supporting younger students during Form with their homework for a variety of subjects. Frankie is a credit to the school!

April 2018 - Sonya Emin: For helping another student who was being bullied and standing up and speaking out against bullying in school. If it wasn't for Sonya's intervention the situation would have continued. Sonya did not have to get involved and did not have to stand up for the other student (who she didn't really have much contact with), but Sonya had proven that she is the sort of person who puts others before herself. It's safe to say that West Hatch would be a much nicer place if there were more students like Sonya.

March 2018 - Max Holmes: For helping Mrs Bendall during an Open Evening and being a positive role model for other students. Max is one of those individuals who constantly do the right thing, constantly contributes and constantly commits to everything he does, whilst not necessarily being recognised for his efforts. Throughout his time at West Hatch Max has had a really positive time, but he was specially selected for his contribution and support during an Open Evening when he represented the school and helped a member of staff.

February 2018 - Ben Richards: For his involvement and commitment to Sports; especially captaining teams and supporting other players. Ben is a natural leader but is not a typical extrovert. Working with the rugby team he has quietly led and supported the team to a number of victories. He has also shown a great deal of determination and teamwork during training and helping and supporting other members of the team to improve. Ben's conduct on and off the pitch is also impeccable.

January 2018 - Kody Clamp: For his commitment to his lessons and improvement with his attitude and focus. Kody has really settled into life at West Hatch and is a welcomed addition to the West Hatch family. Kody struggled when he first arrived at West Hatch. Since working with Mrs Roy, Kody has found methods to cope and with regards to his studies, he is really trying to improve. Kody has put a great deal of effort in this year and has made massive improvements academically. He is also a lot more confident socially and interacts with other students around the school. Kody is polite and a pleasure to have at West Hatch.

November 2017 - Jacques Van Praagh: The main reason for Jacques' nomination is due to his involvement in Music and Dance, both inside and outside of West Hatch: especially his involvement with the Royal Ballet. Alongside this, Jacques was also nominated for his positive attitude and willingness to help both staff and other students. We are privileged to have such a talented and pleasant individual as part of our West Hatch family and look forward to celebrating even more of Jacques' successes in the future.

October 2017 - James Stevens: James has had a really positive start to his time at West Hatch and this has not gone unnoticed. His behaviour and attitude is impeccable and we are very pleased to have James as part of the West Hatch family. He was also nominated for his involvement with various clubs and sports at West Hatch. In addition to this, his involvement with Tottenham Hotspur is another amazing achievement. The fact that he somehow manages to balance all that whilst remaining on top of his homework and studies is very impressive."

September 2017 - Will Fitch: A popular and well-respected student with both his peers and members of staff. Will is a genuine all-rounder: high predicted grades, sporting ability and a polite and pleasant young man. Will has played Rugby for Essex and the school, as well as representing West Hatch in football and various other sports. He was also a Prefect in Year 11; providing service to the school community. He is a role model to the younger years.

June 2017 - Kiran Mundi: Kiran has overcome personal barriers to find the confidence and courage to apply for Head Girl. This was the first time she had put herself forward for a public speaking event. Kiran has also been a dedicated peer mentor and LSU mentor - dedicating her break and lunchtimes to support younger pupils. Kiran also helps out in the Sixth Form cafeteria. She puts others before herself. She has assisted at every event as a prefect. Kiran has consideration and compassion for others and will go above and beyond for others. Kiran is a positive role model for all students across the school.

May 2017 - Max Scrivener: has been and an excellent team player and team member during Target Team. He has helped others and is always keen to help set up. He is extremely generous with his time.

April 2017 - Dylan Panesar: Dylan is as close to the perfect student as you can get: he is hard working, polite and has academic, as well as musical, ability. He has represented the school at a number of events and was part of the FirstGive schools final. Dylan is always willing to help and happy to go the extra mile to support those around him; whether they be staff or students.

March 2017 - Esha Sharma: amazing start to her time at West Hatch. Has received the most Reward logs.

February 2017 - Hanah Kourtaa: attended a Motivational Conference she was singled out for her mature approach, positive personality and ability to engage with students and motivators. She was a credit to the school at the event.

January 2017 - Aaron Clements: shows great leadership qualities in both his sporting activities and in his dealings with adults. He performed a very important speaking engagement for the Head Teacher alongside working hard in his lessons and playing in countless sports teams at school, district and national level. A real All Rounder!

November 2016 - Poppy Collins: was highly commended for her maturity and willingness to help whilst volunteering through Work Shadowing in Epping Forest in the Summer and also for the exemplary attitude she demonstrated to other students, staff and the public whilst on fieldwork in the Lake District.

October 2016 - Charlotte Kent: showed huge courage by taking part in a public speaking event to over 600 adults. She is also a vital member of the Dance Club, always willing to help both staff and students.

September 2016 - James Scollan: has worked hard to get his grades at GCSE whilst taking part in and organising many fund-raising activities for Camps International. He is respected by staff and students for the determined way in which he has set and achieved his targets.