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The main school library is centrally situated within the school and easily accessible to all students and staff. It is a bright and welcoming environment that can be used for individual study and research, leisure reading and class-based activities.

The library’s use ranges from being a quiet study space during lesson time to a more lively area at break and lunch times. After school students can catch up on homework or join our Reading Group for a lively discussion on the books they’re reading.

Library staff are always available to help students with their research or to suggest new reading experiences.

The collection of print and e-resources is developed to support students’ curriculum needs, to stimulate enquiry, to develop their personal interests and to enable them to become confident ethical users of information in all its forms.

Traditional printed resources such as books, newspapers and magazines are supplemented by audio CDs, DVDs and, more increasingly, e-resources.

The modern library is no longer solely a physical environment but also a virtual one.

Computers are available for students to use within the Acceptable Use Policy of the school and a colour photocopier/ printer enables them to print out their work if required.

Resources are searchable through Accessit on the Learning Gateway and students are encouraged to use the library as a starting place for their research. In order to familiarise them with the skills they require, and to enable them to become proficient and confident researchers, a programme of Library and Information skills is begun in Year 7. This is a fortnightly session when students also have the opportunity to explore and develop their leisure reading.

Research and information skills are subsequently reinforced through subject specific inductions at various stages during their school career.

We want our students to leave West Hatch having acquired the numerous skills they need to be critical enquirers. We also want them to discover the joy of a good read. Students are encouraged to be actively involved in their library and all suggestions and recommendations are considered.

Sixth form students have a separate library which is located in the Sixth Form Study Centre but are welcome to use the main school library for their private study periods.

Reading Lists

KS3 Reading List 

Regular updated lists can be found at:

KS3 Book Challenge 

Regular updated lists can be found at:

Year 9 Boys Reading List 

Regular updated lists can be found at:

KS4 Reading List (Gifted and Talented) 

The library is open from

Normal hours are: 

Monday 8:20am to 4:45pm

Tuesday 8:20am to 2:50pm

Wednesday to Friday 8:20am to 4:00pm



The library staff are:

Librarian: Mrs Sam Sheikh

"The library is a place where friends gather together and you can find a wide variety of books to read."

Year 8 Student