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Exam Results

West Hatch High School is delighted to share the excellent results achieved by its Sixth Form students this year. 

With over a quarter of all A-Levels graded A*-A and over half of all grades A*-B, students have performed exceptionally well and given themselves a sound platform for a successful future.

The results mean the vast majority of students have gained access to their first-choice universities with a number securing higher level apprenticeships or employment.

Having achieved positive results across the board, there were some stand-out individual and subject successes. 

In addition to exceptionally high overall pass rates, the number of students achieving the top grades were impressive, including:

Adelina Pietraru - A* A* A - London School of Economics
Ethan Haywood - A*A*A - Bath
Sara Safaei Keshtgar - A* A A and Dist* - Queen Mary (QMUL)
Joseph Suarez Piedra - A* A A B - Bath
Reuben Chandy - A A A - Loughborough
Elena Doychinova - A A A - Nottingham
Cosmina Salomia - A A A - Bristol
Jayaana Sumoondur - A A A - Southampton
Natalia Ahsan - A A A - Warwick
Agne-Migle Budzius - A* A B - Loughborough/Greenwich
Luca Van Wijngaarden - A* A B - Birmingham

BTEC Business Extended Diploma
Italia Chauhan Grant - Dist*, Dist*, Dist* - City of London
Ruby Mai Henry - Dist*, Dist, Dist - Apprenticeship
Yunus Chetouane - Dist*, Dist, Dist - Brunel
Evie Bateman - Dist, Dist, Dist - Apprenticeship
Jia Walia - Dist, Dist, Dist - Birmingham City University

A number of subject areas performed particularly well this year, for example, Art and English Literature achieving 100 percent A*-B grades with Business Studies achieving 73 percent. 

Economics achieved 68 percent and History 64 percent, amongst other excellent departmental results.

Over half of all grades were Distinction* or Distinction for students studying vocational qualifications in Business, Applied Science, Performing Arts, Cambridge Technical Certificate in IT, and Sports and Exercise Science with 98 percent achieving A*-C grade equivalents.

All students’ hard work and high aspirations have paid off and their determination to succeed has embodied the school’s motto to be ‘The Best that I Can Be.’ 

University destinations include Management at the London School of Economics; Accountancy at Queen Mary; Business and Economics at Loughborough, Southampton and Bristol; Law at City of London and Brunel; and Sociology Social Policy and Mechanical Engineering at Bath. 

A large number of students are also taking up Degree Apprenticeships at a range of companies across the City.

Headteacher Daniel Leonard said: “I am tremendously proud of our students this year. We have all seen the doom and gloom in the press in recent weeks with grade boundaries being hiked to pre-Covid levels, not to mention the amount of turmoil these young people have faced with strikes, additional bank holidays and disrupted learning over the last two years. 

"For them to almost match the schools outcomes last year and perform so well makes us all very proud indeed.

"Results like these do not just happen, and I would like to thank the schools’ staff on behalf of the students for all their dedication and support for the students over the last two years. 

"Finally I’d like to wish all of our students the very best of luck for the next stage in their lives in whichever path they choose to take, whether it be university, apprenticeships or straight into the world of work.”

Exams Results 2019 - KS5

Below are the examination results for West Hatch Sixth form in 2019. No performance tables were published for 2020. For more information or results from previous years please see the government performance table


  • A levels: -0.08
  • Applied general qualifications (broad vocational qualification): 0.33

These figures tell you how much progress students who studied  qualifications at this school or college made between the end of key stage 4 and the end of their academic qualification studies, compared to similar students across England.


  • A levels: An average result of a C and a points score of 29.38
  • Applied general qualifications (broad vocational qualification): An average result of a distinction and a points score 31.09

These figures tell you the average grade and average points that students achieved in their applied general qualifications. We give a points value to all qualifications so you can compare qualifications of a different size and grading system. We base the number of points on the challenge and size of a qualification. A maximum of 50 points are available for a top grade.

English and Mathematics progress

These scores show how much progress students at this school or college made in English and maths qualifications such as GCSE re-takes, between the end of key stage 4 and the end of the 16 to 18 phase of education.

Maths progress

  • 2019 - The number of students resitting Maths in 2019 was too low for a progress score
  • 2018: 0.53
  • 2017: 0.2

English progress

  • 2019 - There were no entries.

Retention - % of students completing their main study programme

  • 80%

For further information about our Key Stage 5 results and performance data, please click here.