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    Dress Code

    Sixth Form Dress Code

    Sixth Form students must recognise their responsibility in acting as ambassadors to the school and as positive role models at all times. We expect all students to be smart and well-presented.

    The aim of the Sixth Form dress code is to ensure students are dressed smartly, professionally and in a formal, business style.


    White or light blue collared shirt

    Black, grey or navy blue suit

    WHHS sixth Form tie

    If a jumper is worn, it should be plain black, grey or navy

    Black formal shoes. Trainers, heavy boots or canvas shoes are not appropriate

    Crew/roll neck jumpers, hoodies, sweat shirts or gilets are not to be worn



    Plain white or cream plain blouse

    Black, grey or navy suit

    Lycra ‘body con’ style skirts and are not to be worn as these tend to ride up to an unacceptable length. Leather and skater skirts are not considered smart and should not be worn. Trousers must be tailored and not leggings, jeggings or denim.

    Plain black, grey or navy dress which is of an appropriate length.

    Strappy, t-shirt and sleeveless dresses are not suitable

    If a jumper is worn, it should be plain black, grey or navy

    Black (flat or low heeled) formal shoes. Sensible, practical, flat or low heeled formal boots can be worn but must be covered under the trousers.  High heeled shoes/boots are not to be worn with trousers, skirts or dresses.  

    Religious headwear must be plain black or white with no designs, logos or sequins and the students’ face must not be obscured.

    No trainers or sandals are to be worn. No crew neck or roll neck jumpers, sleeveless/duster jackets, hoodies, sweat shirts or gilets.


    ID badges must be worn around the neck and be visible at all times.  

    Extreme hairstyles are not allowed. Patterns or logos must not be shaved or cut into hair or eyebrows.

    Hair must not be dyed unnatural colours.

    Discreet jewellery may be worn.  A small ear stud may be worn, but no other facial piercing is allowed. 

    Any concerns will be raised with individuals. We reserve the right to ask students to modify/change their dress if they do not meet the requirements listed above and spirit of the Sixth Form dress code.

    "Sixth Form students are impressively mature and provide excellent role models for younger students."