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    Students take part in Reality Roadshow

    Year 9 students at West Hatch High School, Chigwell, took part in a Reality Roadshow.

    The roadshow featured six sessions across a day as well as a thought-provoking drama piece which got students thinking about the importance of the issues they were going to be learning.

    Sessions highlighted healthy relationships, sexual health, substance misuse (including a focus on legal highs), alcohol awareness and a session by the London Ambulance Service on knife, gun and gang crime.

    Laura Hiscott, co-ordinator of PSEC Drop Down Days, said: "During these sessions students saw and understood the devastating effects that can occur so easily when knives or guns are involved.

    "Students were really engaged in the sessions which covered topics that are not on the curriculum but are vitally important.

    "We believe students need information on these topics to gain understanding and help them to make responsible choices in their lives."

    West Hatch High School holds similar styled days for every year group across the whole academic year.