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    Year 13 West Hatch High School A-Level PE students visit

    A group of 11 A-Level PE students at West Hatch High School visited Kingston University (Thursday, September 10) to undergo a variety of physical fitness tests and experience a sports science day.

    West Hatch has previously linked up with Dr Hannah Moir and her team at Kingston School of Science Department to give the students the opportunity of using the state-of-the-art facilities that include an altitude and climate chamber.

    Students underwent elite fitness tests such as the VO2 Max tests for measuring aerobic capacity, the Wingate test which tests power, and a series of biomechanical tests designed to view posture and postural imbalances.

    The tests will be used as part of the students' coursework.

    Student Alex Dean said: "Although the tests were incredibly hard I know that it will help my coursework and it was great to see and use such amazing facilities."

    Teacher Aaron D’Silva said: "It’s great to have this close partnership with such a good university. Working with them gives students a fantastic opportunity to use high quality equipment and ensures that we give our students every chance for higher coursework marks."