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    Students compete in British Biology Olympiad

    Twelve Year 12 students at West Hatch High School took part in the Royal Society of Biology's British Biology Olympiad.

    They completed two online exams, under exam conditions. 

    Top scoring students will be invited to attend an awards ceremony in London while high scoring students may also be selected to form the UK's team at the International Biology Olympiad. 

    The results will be announced later this month.

    The British Biology Olympiad is open to students across the country and challenges and stimulates them with an interest in biology to expand and extend their talents. 

    Although the exam is challenging, it is something students can add to their Personal Statement for university and an experience they can mention at interview.

    The competition tests students on their biology knowledge from GCSEs as well as some of the content they may have covered for A-Level. 

    The students gave up their own time to take part and all agreed it was a challenging yet rewarding experience.