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    Students attend Motivation Conference

    A group of Year 9 West Hatch High School students attended the Y.E.S. Partnership Motivation Conference at the Marriott Hotel, Waltham Abbey.

    The aim of the conference, funded by the Y.E.S. Partnership, was to inspire, motivate and encourage students to consider their strengths and what might prevent them achieving their future goals.

    Students had the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities, including team building and goal mapping tasks. These were all overseen by facilitators from local businesses and the Y.E.S. Committee.

    The students enjoyed the day and the opportunity to have lunch at the hotel.

    Geoffrey Towsey, the school's Careers Leader, said: "The work of the Y.E.S. Partnership is fantastic, and their Motivation and World of Work Conferences are amazing opportunities for our students who always find the events very informative, engaging and it gets them thinking about the future."

    All students received a certificate of attendance along with a career goal plan for their future learning and studies.

    For more information about the Y.E.S. Partnership visit