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    League table highlights exam success

    West Hatch High School is ranked among the very best schools in East Anglia for its exam results last summer, according to a league table compiled by The Times newspaper.

    Some 67.6 per cent of A-level students at West Hatch achieved A*-B grades while 23 per cent achieved GCSE grades of A*/A-9,8,7).

    The Times table features the A-Level and GCSE results from more than 350 schools.

    This year there are new GCSEs in English and maths, which are graded 9-1 rather than alphabetically. A '7' has been linked to an A and a '4' to a C grade.

    The Times table is ranked on the proportion of pupils achieving A* and A grades (including 9, 8 and 7). 

    The table also has a column showing the proportion of students who were awarded A* grades (including 8 and 9).

    According to the table, West Hatch came 13th in East Anglia and 232nd nationally for its GCSE results. However as far as non-selective schools are concerned, West Hatch is fourth in East Anglia.

    West Hatch High School headteacher Daniel Leonard said: "I would once again like to congratulate all the students, teachers and staff on our fantastic results last summer.

    "Only 21 comprehensive schools are shown in the top 150 State schools so West Hatch has done amazingly well. 

    "The table does not show a separate guide for non-selective schools. On this basis West Hatch is ranked fourth in East Anglia. This is a fantastic achievement."