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    Year 10 art trip to the Tate Modern

    West Hatch High School GCSE art students enjoyed a trip to The Tate Modern in London to raise their cultural awareness and appreciation of art. 

    Students could see original works of art and also visited the Millennium Bridge where, accompanied by art teacher Gerry Hanley, they interviewed an artist working on top of discarded chewing gum.

    'Chewing gum man' Ben Wilson told the students he wanted to "make something ugly more attractive" and draw peoples’ attention to protecting the environment. 

    He is inspired by the random shape of the gum and his art has a social element reflecting the people and the environment. 

    Inside the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall, students were able to stand under a large mirrored pendulum swinging above their heads. 

    Art teacher Christina Backham said: "This really made them stop, think and contemplate."

    The Tate’s Turbine hall had also been turned into an adult playground where students could interact with the art.

    They also experienced famous paintings such as Picasso’s ‘Weeping Woman’ as they are making a special study of Cubist portraits in school.