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    Target Team take part in Leadership event

    Members of West Hatch High School’s Target Team took part in a Leadership event at Debden Park High School, Loughton.

    The event allowed students to learn key skills in order to be able to mentor and teach younger students games.

    It also taught the students how to build self-confidence within a sport setting and how to encourage the use of another person's skills.

    Ben Randall, Alex Burnett, Skye Scrivener, Tassie Lopez-Dias, Marc Roth, David Attwood and Robbie Beloko found the event fun and informative.

    Marc said: “We were working in a team with a boy in a wheelchair and had to organise a game so that he would be able to take part.

    "It was a challenge but it felt a real achievement seeing him joining in with help, and it was a real team effort. 

    "It was such a good event and something great for our CVs.”

    Tassie, Skye and David agreed that working with students from other schools allowed them to develop their communication skills, but also challenged them when they needed to consider how they could adapt the games so everyone could be involved.

    Ben focused on the leadership skills saying how the skills will allow them to “take sessions for other children”.

    In the summer it is hoped the Target Team will be able to put their new skills into practice and deliver some sessions for local primary schools.