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    Year 13 Drama and Theatre Studies students perform final piece

    Year 13 Drama and Theatre Studies students at West Hatch High School have performed their final piece.

    The production was based on the play '5 Kinds of Silence' written by Shelagh Stevenson.

    The play explores themes such as violence, power and abuse within a household, telling the story of a family living under the control of power-hungry Billy, who emotionally and physically abuses his wife, Mary, and two children, Susan and Janet.

    The students decided they wanted to create an experience for the audience as well as a performance, changing their outlook and emotions from when they arrived. 

    They changed certain parts of the original play text, adding their own devised pieces to part of the production. 

    Using a range of theatrical conventions, such as immersive theatre, the students were able to create the home, making the audience feel engulfed into the disturbing atmosphere.

    The production explores the different relationships victims can have with their abusers, and how this effects their perception of society and outlook on life.

    They portrayed this through a series of flashbacks, giving an insight into the series of events that corrupt the family. 

    From the abuser's childhood to his death, the audience saw how his relationship with others change over time.

    Actor Fraser Downie said: "It was an excellent performance portraying characters in a very difficult situation; unfortunately sometimes their circumstances are true."

    Headteacher Frances Howarth said: "It was an absolutely amazing performance, so compelling and convincing. Incredible."

    PICTURE: West Hatch Year 13 Drama and Theatre Studies student Aydin Nobee-Fox performing in the students' production based on the play '5 Kinds of Silence'