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    Holocaust Memorial Day

    Staff and students at West Hatch High School marked Holocaust Memorial Day on Friday (January 27).

    A number of events revolving around the theme:'How can life go on?’ were held throughout the week.

    Students heard accounts from survivors of atrocities and presentations outlining the various genocides which had occurred.

    Holocaust Memorial Day has become an event no longer solely focused on the Holocaust; it also includes reflections on the genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Darfur and Srebrenica.

    Teachers Mrs K. Bowman and Miss M. Marsden recently had the opportunity to visit Bosnia to learn about the genocide there. 

    Whilst in Bosnia they met former soldier Resad Trbonja. 

    Mrs Bowman said that one of her lasting memories of the visit was a quote by Resad: “Recognise and react when you hear ‘them and us.’ That’s where it all starts from and builds from that.”

    The commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day provided students with the opportunity to reflect on the horrors of the past and through education make sure they are not repeated..


    For more information about Resad visit