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    Students take part in 'cartoons and superheroes' inter-house art competition

    Art work on the theme of Cartoons and Superheroes was produced by West Hatch High School students for an inter-house art competition.

    The competition brief was to: Paint, draw or collage your favourite cartoon, animated movie or superhero character. Work on a minimum of A3 but larger scale was acceptable.

    Students could choose their materials and use paint, oil pastels, colouring pencils, felt tips, stencils, mixed media or create a collage from mixed materials.

    Art teacher Miss Christina Backham said: "My motivation for this style of competition comes from the Walt Disney quote: 'If you can dream you can do it'."

    Headteacher Frances Howarth said: “We were delighted with the quality of entrants this year. Both staff and students have shown such imagination. Congratulations to Miss Backham and the Art Department for encouraging such creativity.

    "Our Inter House Competition calendar is very diverse, allowing a wide range of student and staff talent to participate in demonstrating their talent. Very well done to all who took part - and especially our winners.”

    Brunel House entered the most number of works, with 14, with students in Fiennes House submitting eight.

    Staff: Winner was Guy Blain (Austen House) with his Spider-Man pumpkin with Rachel Minister (Brunel) in second place.

    KS3 - First: Talia Panayi (Year 8, Brunel) - Malecifent from Sleeping Beauty.
    Second: Joe Greenway (Year 9, Roddick) - Batman.
    Third: Jacque Van Praagh (Year 9, Fiennes) - an array of Superhero characters. 

    KS4 - First: Kiera Dennis-Nelson (Year 10, Brunel) - Spiderman.
    Second: Yasmin Sachdev (Year 11, Newton) - Harley Quinn.

    Third: Zaina Mirza (Year 10, Austen) - Disney.

    To find out more about the House Competitions at West Hatch High School visit the school website.

    A display of winners' work can be viewed by appointment in the school’s main Reception area.