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    Students attend Motivational Conference

    Year 9 students at West Hatch High School attended a Motivational Conference at the Marriott Hotel, Waltham Abbey, funded by the YES Partnership.

    Students had the opportunity to take part in team building exercises which included building a paper tower, brain profiling, goal setting in addition to meeting with employers.

    The aim of day was to inspire and motivate young people to think about their future pathways along with identifying the skills they may require to achieve their career goals.

    West Hatch High School careers co-ordinator, Mr Geoff Towsey, said: “Students experienced an enjoyable and informative day, along with a three course lunch in the Thyme Restaurant. It got them thinking about the future!”

    At the end of the conference certificates of attendance were presented to students by Waltham Abbey Mayor councillor Helen Kane and Loughton Mayor councillor Carol Davies. 

    Students also received a career goal plan for their future learning and studies.