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    Target Team hosts primary school pupils

    West Hatch High School's 'Target team' hosted KS2 students from primary schools across Essex to a day of fun-filled activity.

    The 'Target Team' is a group of students who work together to develop a range of mobility and thinking skills. 

    Teacher in Charge Lucie Stubbings said: "The West Hatch students acted as mentors and guides for our young visitors and I was very proud of them. Members of 'The Team' really benefited from the day."

    Student Felicity Philpot said: "It was a really good day. It was great to interact with the younger children and to help them with boccia and curling."

    Fellow team member David Attwood said: "We refereed a few of the boccia and curling games and helped explain the rules, and helped them play the games.

    "They all has great fun and it was great to be able to help them understand the games."

    Student Ben Randall added: “Schools were able to take part in mini boccia competitions, I helped out by showing them how to throw the ball and explained the aim of the game. 

    "I also helped with curling so they could have a go at trying that game as well."
    VIDEO: To find out more about the Target Team CLICK HERE

    Picture: (left to right) Target Team members Owen Holder, Charlie Seslick, Ben Randall, Hannah Scrivener and Felicity Philpot