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    West Hatch High School's Design and Technology Department holds Gifted and Talented Day

    West Hatch High School's Design and Technology Department has held its annual Gifted and Talented day for Year 9 pupils.

    Pupils worked within either Food Technology or Resistant Materials.

    For the Food activity pupils had the opportunity to learn advanced food preparation skills working as a team and managing their time to successfully produce a batch of high quality fruit tartlets madee using Pâte à Sucre Pastry which was baked blind and filled with a Crème Pâtissière, a selection of fresh fruit and a fruit coulis with spun sugar work for decoration.

    Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and were keen to take home and share their fruit tartlets.

    In Resistant Materials, activities were arranged as a group-based exercise with pupils using an existing designer as a basis and influence to upcycle a product.

    They first examined either Renzo Piano, Ai Wei Wei, James Dyson or Zaha Hadid, and used that designer’s style to make a product.

    The product ranged from a chair to stools to storage containers. The products are now in use and on display in the Design and Technology Department.​