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West Hatch High School celebrates GCSE successes

Students at West Hatch High School, Chigwell, have again performed exceptionally well at GCSE, with record results for the school overall. 

Many students have been able to progress into the West Hatch Sixth Form. Headteacher Daniel Leonard, who is delighted with the results, said: "Similarly to our Year 13 students, our Year 11s have overcome adversity and achieved great things this year. 

"Their last ‘normal’ school year was Year 8 and yet they have achieved success well beyond what we could have imagined. 

"I am so incredibly proud of our students and so happy I will get to see so many of them flourish further over the next two years in the Sixth Form. 

"I’d like to wish all of our students huge congratulations and personally thank our staff for their hard work and dedication.”

Top performers include (based on overall attainment):

Aaron Gelkoff - 9 x 9s; 2x 8s; 1 x Dist*; 1 x A*.
Emma Basco - 6 x 9s; 3 x 8s; 1 x Dist*; 1 X Dist; 1 x A*; 1 x A.
James Kelliher - 5 x 9s; 5 x 8s; 1 x 7; 1 x A*.
Stella Georgiou - 6 x 9s; 3 x 8s; 2 x 7s; 1 x Dist; 1 x A*; 1 x A.
Danny Roach - 7 x 9s; 3 3 x 8s; 2 x Dist; 1 x A*.
Crystal Nunez - 5 x 9s; 5 x 8s; 1 x 7; 1 x Dist*; 1 x A.
Matthew Sandy - 5 x 9s; 4 x 8s; 1 x 7; 1 x 6; 1 x Dist*.
Hasna Khan - 1 x 9; 7 x 8s; 2 x 7s; 1 x 5; 1 x Dist*.
Andy Mulimbo - 1 x 9; 7 x 8s; 2 x 7s; 1 x 5; 1 x Dist*; 1 x A.
Neslihan Sahin - 3 x 9s; 4 x 8s; 3 x 7s; 1 x 6; 1 x Dist.
Emily MacArthur- 2 x 9s; 6 x 8s; 1 x 7; 2 x 6s; 1 x Dist; 1 x A.
James Stevens - 3 x 9s; 4 x 8s; 1 x 7; 3 x 6s.

Mr Leonard added: "With almost 60 per cent of our students achieving a Grade 5 or above in English and Maths, and our top performers enrolling into the Sixth Form, as well as many other exceptional students from the school and from other schools, West Hatch will continue to thrive. 

"Our students clearly have a huge amount of resilience having overcome the difficulties of the last few years so spectacularly, as well as
an outstanding work ethic. This bodes very well for both them and the school in the future. 

"I hope all of our families are now able to relax and celebrate their achievements. I am very proud of them all.”

He added: "In our Sixth Form, not only will the students commence their A-Levels and Vocational Courses but they will also have the opportunity to undertake work placements, shadowing, internships, the Extended Project Qualification and the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme among many other opportunities beyond the curriculum.

"Our Sixth Form supports our students leaving us with the confidence, skills and excellent results enabling them to compete with the best in the future.

"For entry into Year 12 2023 our Sixth Form Open Evening is taking place on Thursday, November 17.