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West Hatch student prepares for Medical School interview

West Hatch Student prepares for Medical School interview, by attending a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) course.

On the 5th February AnoushkaSharma, a Year 13 student at West Hatch Sixth Form, attended a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) course, hosted by The Medic Portal. This was in preparation for her medical school interview. MMIs are a new way of interviewing potential students, whereby there are around 7-10 stations that last around 5 minutes each; and in each station, an interviewer is able to ask a range of different questions. 
She said "This course gave me the opportunity to practice a full MMI circuit with medical professionals, which mimics the real interview. I would say that this course was particularly beneficial, as after each station, the interviewer was able to give feedback on my performance. This now gives me the chance to improve on my interview techniques for my forthcoming interview."