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West Hatch High School elects a new Head Boy & Head Girl

We are very pleased to announce that Sharaf Shiekha and Gemma Curtiss have been elected as our new Head Boy and Head Girl.

On the day that Britain goes to the polls and casts their votes in the General Election, at West Hatch High School the announcement has been made regarding the results of the recent Head Boy and Head Girl elections.

This year saw a record number of votes cast and it was a very tight-fought competition. Standing for Head Girl was Sharna Ahmed and Gemma Curtiss and for Head Boy was Alex Dean, Rhys Maslen, Josh Pope and Sharaf Shiekha.

Last week the candidates all had the opportunity to address the school, during assemblies, to explain why they were deserving of their peers votes. The campaigning spread across the school, as posters and leaflets could be found on every notice board and in every room, urging students and staff to 'VOTE FOR ...'

The voting took place on Friday 1 May and there was another ballot, for our Vocational Students, on Tuesday 5 May. The results were then counted, before the announcement this morning.

All the candidates met with Mrs Howarth, who congratulated them on their efforts and highlighted the various opportunities still open to all the candidates. She then announced that Gemma and Sharaf had been elected as our new Head Boy and Head Girl. Speaking to them both, Mrs Howarth said she will be meeting with them soon to discuss their ideas, and is looking forward to working with them in the year to come.                  

The message was then sent to all staff at 9.30am declaring the results.