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    Students donate hair to children's charity

    Two West Hatch High School students have donated their hair to be used to make wigs for children suffering from cancer.

    Year 12 student Becky Stimson recently had 12 inches of her hair cut off while last month Year 10 student Larni Shulton gave more than seven inches of her hair to the charity.

    Larni said it was a simple thing to do, but something which could make a big difference to the lives of other young girls.

    The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs, free of charge, to children across the UK and Ireland who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment.

    Becky's form tutor, Coralie Reid, said: "Becky is such a lovely young lady so it doesn’t surprise me that she has done this, nor that she didn’t want recognition for it, however I think it is a very selfless act that she should be extremely proud of."

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